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I went in to work last night feeling like it was going to be another long boring night, but about an hour into my shift a lady walks in with an animal in a blue pouch around her neck which I just assumed was a small dog that she was carrying around with her. When she came up to the counter I looked at it and then I looked at it again and it didn't look like any dog I had ever seen before, in fact it looked like a small kangaroo. I asked the lady and it was a baby Austrailian Red Kangaroo and then she let me hold it. That's right I got to hold a baby kangaroo last night and it was everything you could image it to be, so surreal. I have decided that kangaroos are awesome, more awesome than before.

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  1. Blogger Jessica Tankersley 

    I AM SO FREAKING JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blogger Brad 


    Ask me to tell you about my Bixby/Kangaroo lawsuit some time.


  3. Anonymous leslie 

    did you know that atlanta has one of the world largest kangaroo zoos? they have like hundreds of them and you can pet, and hold, and hop with them. and sometimes I hear the moms even let you get in their pouch. rumor = very warm and cozy. http://www.kangaroocenter.com

  4. Blogger josh klee 

    did you name it?

  5. Anonymous Nicholas Fiedler 

    Yo - This is Leslie & Nick.

    Comment 1- We don't live in atlanta anymore, but if you are ever over there we want to know so we can hang out with you. We think you guys would be really fun to hang out with.

    Comment 2- I (nick) followed Phish for 5 years, I hear that about the ticket. Though I never had a problem getting a ticket to a show. We just saw Oysterhead and Mike Gordon and the Rambledoves at bonnaroo. Want to talk about phish sometime?

  6. Anonymous josh 

    yo. the audio player only comes for wordpress. it's a plugin built specifically for that super cool software. you might try evoca.com. the guy who started has been bragging to me about it and i've seen others use it, i'm just haven't had a chance to try it out yet. let me know if it works though.

  7. Blogger Jessica Tankersley 

    you should blog more often so I don't look like the only blog obsessed person in the family :)

  8. Anonymous anna 

    Okay, just saw this. I'm a little behind. I'm also so stinking jealous! A kangaroo!

    Let's all get together and go to the kangaroo place in atl. Don't you wanna?

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